Monday, 9 July 2012

Hooray I'm back, what a mess I made of keeping my account details. Anyway, lots to catch up on.

Firstly Little Miss Lottie is making her presence felt in our house. She is such a character and not a dainty little show dog at all. We had her sister, Diva, to stay with us for a week so all training went out the window but we are now back on track. Actually I have to say she's really soaking it all up and such a clever little thing, cheering the agility dogs on and joining in with puppy classes.
We are desperately trying to keep her ears tipped and they insist on standing up, I'll not tell you the lengths we've gone to as some are embarrassing!
Right now she's fast asleep on a huge piece of vet bedding that I bought yesterday at Wellingborough Agility Show, she such a cutie, I bought it for Skye and Buddy but they won't use it while she's there lol.
Here's a video of her first experience with a paddling pool. She's good at making the most of a situation and very cheeky too as this clip shows. Poor Skye is waiting her turn in the pool just to be harrassed by the spikey hairball but what fun they had.

Next I've included a video I took on her first visit to the field where she decided to join in with Buddy and Skye and go through the tunnel, an agility champion in the making I reckon!

Just one more of Lottie and her sister, Diva, playing and Buddy and Skye not wanting to be left out. I love being with my dogs, they are so much fun and make all my stresses go away. This just makes me realise how very lucky I am to share my life with them.

So now to the more serious stuff of agility. This weekend we went to Wellingborough Agility Show and Hayley ran Skye and Jenna (a friend's dog) and Buddy in a couple of classes. I'll have to ask Hayley how many clears she got as I've forgotten, I know she had an 11th Place in something with Skye. The highlight for me was Buddy coming 2nd in Large Jumping Combined Grades 1 and 2. I love it when it all comes together and we work as a team, there's no other feeling like it. There is a video, gladly taken by Hayley somewhere but, for now, I've included his NBC Helter Skelter run grades 1-7 that Hayley ran him in. I love to watch him because he really does try so hard. More grid work I think as his inexperience knocks 2 poles down but otherwise a textbook run.

Anyway now he has a 2nd place to add to his 4th at the JDA Show at Shuttleworth so a stonking 16 points towards his agility warrant in 2 shows.

I'm working hard to get consistant contacts with him, I originally trained him to do running contacts but, although great when he was younger, this has badly back fired as he's gained in speed and confidence, so we have gone right back to basics and started again. He's listening in training but not in competition so I think I might have to sacrifice a couple of runs to hammer the point home to him.  

Friday, 8 June 2012

Today was a long day but successful.
We decided not to go to the qualifier today as the weather just isn't appropriate for agility with the high winds and rain, it won't be pleasant for anyone and certainly not safe for Skye on the contact equipment. So we stayed at home and played all day with Lottie.

Lottie has really settled in now and is getting very brave. She has managed to win Skye over and got her to play while Buddy stays under the table out of harm's way. She is such a character and has found her voice too - oh joy!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Yesterday Lottie had her first taste of a trip to someone else's house. She took it all in her stride and didn't pea on their carpet once. Nanna was very impressed lol! (As it was her house).

Lottie met a few new people including a baby which she was a bit worried about as she doesn't like being stared at. I think he thought she was a cuddly toy that moved on its own somehow. I don't think its scarred her for life though, she soon settled down and hardly looks terrified here does she?

She played on the drive as well which is all good experience and managed several successful recalls to Hayley. The bond is really growing between them, I'm not sure what Lottie's going to think about being left behind when we go to an agility show tomorrow. 

So today (05/06/2012) we left Lottie in Sally-Anne's capable hands (and I think she enjoyed the responsibility) and went off to Shuttleworth College for the JDA's Agility Show. The weather was okay for the best part of the day but started raining just as we went to do our pairs run at the end.

Buddy and I entered the agility ring and got eliminated, his first runs always iffy anyway cos he's like a coiled spring.

Skye started the day with a 5 faults for her dog walk contact, otherwise a great round.

Buddy and I were eliminated again in the next agility class, I don't know why really but I'm feeling very tired for some reason - JON!

Skye went clear but we don't know if she was placed as we left before the Presentation (we'll find out when we return on Thursday).

I raced off with Buddy as they called to the end of the class with the jumping. We went clear woop woop!

Then Hayley had 2 runs in the NBC jumping grade 1-7 (I was feeling pathetic by now so she ran Bud too). Skye went clear but the tight turns and pull throughs just weren't Buddy's thing.

Then straight in the ring with Skye to do agility again and a dog barked that sounded like Buddy and she lost her focus and did a run-by doh!

In the pairs, Buddy and I went wrong and Skye went clear :-).

Oh and then we found out Buddy and I came 4th in the jumping woop woop woop!

Tired now, time for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Well who wants to see a cute puppy photo?

This is Hayley's new puppy, Lottie, aka Lanteague Lotus. We collected her yesterday (02/06/2012) from her Breeder Sylvia. She has settled in with us really well and is getting braver and more enquisitive each time she comes out of her cage.
Hayley is spending lots of time with her so they develop a strong bond and she does respond well to her already.

Skye and Buddy don't really know what to make of her yet but I think as time goes on they will accept her as part of 'The Pack'.

This is one very exciting adventure for Bordertrix and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Hayley and Lottie - but for now we are just going to enjoy her :-)  x

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Well today is BUDS 2nd Birthday and how did we spend it? Ummmm...............

Moaning at the rain that called off our celebratory Open Day :-(

So we had to cancel until Sunday 20th May, which still wasn't great weather wise but at least it wasn't raining! A good turn out considering and thank you to all our members who supported us!
These are the results of our fun agility competition at the end of the day;

1st is Chloe & Poppy, 2nd is Marilyn & Alfie, 3rd is Sonya & Popsie, 4th is Isobel & Sasha.
A special rosette was awarded to Sally-Anne & Skye as I let them have a go for a laugh but, as Skye's an expert, it really didn't seem fair to the other competitors, but Sally-Anne was happy.

Well done to Chloe on getting a clear, text book round for Poppy.
And a final special mention to Sonya who got Popsie round by never giving up encouraging him, I think that video will be one to treasure!

Thanks again everyone xxx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Today we went to the "Spring At Shuttleworth" Show and Hayley had 3 out of 4 clears with Skye and only 5 faults on her 4th run.
I also let her run Buddy in one of our classes (as I felt ill) and they went clear - woop woop! They didn't get placed but it was grade 1-7.
Hayley got an 11th Place in her agility class with Skye too!
Buddy and I had 3 runs, got eliminated twice (my fault entirely) then a 5 faults in the 1-3 agility class which had a couple of nasty traps. We didn't fall into them but he hopped off the dogwalk, still very pleased with him though and our time will come :-)

Here is Hayley and Skye's final run in the Grade 1-3 Agility Class, she's looking a bit tired now bless her, its a long day for everyone.